Some like it hot. Some like it spicy. And some can’t make up their minds. Not to worry. We’ve got plenty of hot and spicy recipes that won’t just make your mouth water – your eyes might water too. With names like “Picante”, “Chili”, “Habanero” and “Kung Pao”, you’ll know exactly what hit you.

Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Beef
Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Chicken
Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Shrimp
Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy Super Picante
Chow Mein Kung Pao Chicken
Chow Mein Spicy Chicken
Chow Mein Spicy Teriyaki Beef
Chow Mein Sriracha
Cup Noodles Salsa Picante Chicken
Cup Noodles Salsa Picante Shrimp
Cup Noodles Shrimp Picante Style
Cup Noodles Spicy Chile Chicken
Cup Noodles Easy Fideos Picante Lime Shrimp
Cup Noodles Homestyle Habanero Lime Chicken
Cup Noodles Homestyle Habanero Lime Shrimp
Cup Noodles Homestyle Lime Chili Shrimp
Cup Noodles Homestyle Spicy Chicken
Ramen Bowl Hot & Spicy
Ramen Bowl Kimchi
Ramen Bowl Spicy Chicken
Ramen Bowl Spicy Shrimp
Souper Meal Chili Picante Chicken
Souper Meal Picante Shrimp
Top Ramen Chili
Top Ramen Picante Beef
Top Ramen Cucharealo Habanero Shrimp
Top Ramen Cucharealo Picante Chicken