"It is never too late to do anything in life." - Momofuku Ando

2021 marks a half-century since the invention of the first ramen in a cup by our founder, Momofuku Ando. Join Nissin Foods for a year-long celebration of the most iconic noodles in the world—The One, the Only, the Original Nissin Cup Noodles.

We all have warm memories of Cup Noodles. Whether it was the first meal Mom let you make by yourself, the food that got you through college, or your cozy go-to on a cold winter day, the iconic classic has meant a lot to our fans over the last 50 years. And to celebrate with them, we’ll be having contests, surprise giveaways and massive sweepstakes throughout the year.

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"Always look around you with a great deal of curiosity." - Momofuku Ando