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The ramen noodle, Nissin’s original long “squiggly” noodle, is based on the traditional Japanese noodle of the same name. Purists prefer chopsticks to slurp up the piping hot ramen from its flavorful broth, but you can easily use a fork or even a spoon. Your ramen, your rules.

Bowl Noodles Hot & Spicy won’t quite turn chopsticks into kindling, but you may want to have a back-up utensil just in case. Our tender ramen noodles merely fan the flames on these fiery favorites.

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Authentic Japanese-style ramen noodles, instantly prepared and served in its own handy container. Before Cup Noodles, it was impossible. Today, only one word remains...”ingenious!”

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Get your traditional Japanese-style ramen noodles by the delicious bowlful with Ramen Bowl, our authentic Asian instant meal. It’ll have you coming back for more.

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When you picture our traditional ramen noodle, the first product that jumps to mind has to be original Top Ramen with its distinctive noodle “pillow”. It’s the instant noodle that started it all!

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Savory chicken broth, premium vegetables and noodles reminds you of mom’s home cooking! Served in a convienent bowl that’s ready in just 3 minutes.

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