1958 – Chikin Ramen


2005 – Space Ram

Nissin Timeline
1958 Momofuku Ando establishes Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. of Japan.
Mr. Ando introduces Chikin Ramen (Chicken Ramen), the first instant ramen noodle, to Japan.
1970 Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. establishes Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. in Gardena, California.
The TOP RAMEN® brand is imported from Japan, introducing instant ramen noodles to US consumers.
1971 Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. invents Cup Noodle, a revolution in the industry that makes it possible to package, prepare and serve noodles all in the same container.
Nissin also adds vegetable and meat varieties to its instant ramen noodle lineup.
1972 TOP RAMEN® is first produced in the United States.
1973 Nissin begins producing and selling the highly popular Cup O' Noodles in the United States.
1976 Oodles of Noodles bag ramen introduced.
1977 Nissin Foods' Lancaster, Pennsylvania production facility opens.
1978 Nissin Foods offers new TOP RAMEN® and CUP NOODLES® (Cup O' Noodles renamed CUP NOODLES® in 1993) varieties, pioneering new paths in the rapidly growing instant ramen noodle category.
1998 CUP NOODLES® Hot Sauce Varieties introduced (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp)
2000 Oodles of Noodles name changed to TOP RAMEN®, giving Nissin Foods a truly national brand.
2003 Chow Mein launched as a meal or side dish of stir-fry type noodles and vegetables.
2004 SOUPER MEAL® launched as a hearty microwavable meal.
2005 Nissin Japan invents a noodle that is edible in Space, Space Ram, which is later carried aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.
2007 Chow Pasta, the sister brand to Chow Mein, is introduced.
2008 Bowl Noodles offers two new ways to enjoy a premium ramen experience with its Rich & Savory and Hot & Spicy flavors.
2010 Bowl Noodles Rich & Savory is the first Nissin product worldwide to use our proprietary, "spoonable noodle" technology.
2011 CUP NOODLES® HOMESTYLE introduced with "spoonable noodles" in a larger, microwavable paper cup.
2011 Nissin launches Ramen Bowl, a thin cut ramen noodle in authentic spicy, Asian broths.
2011 Spoon it, multi packs of bite size noodles, in a convenient box is launched
2012 TOP RAMEN® CUCHAREALO™, fideo-type noodles are introduced in popular homestyle flavors.
2012 Nissin launches TOP RAMEN® SHORT CUTS, pre-seasoned .spoonable. noodles in a convenient multi serving format. For the first time, consumers can choose how much to prepare.