I noticed that CUP NOODLES® announced a new recipe. Where can I learn more about this?

Find out more details on our new recipe here.

Where are your products made?

We have two manufacturing facilities: Gardena, California and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

How can I find the "best by" date for your products?

Find the "Best By" date (MMDDYY) printed
BOWL NOODLES® on the bottom of the bowl
BOWL NOODLES® HOT & SPICY on the bottom of the bowl
Chow Mein on the shrink film on the front side of the container
CUP NOODLES® on the bottom of the paper sleeve or the side of the carton (multipacks)
CUP NOODLES® Homestyle on the bottom of the cup or the side of the carton (multipacks)
Ramen Bowl on the shrink film on the bottom of the bowl
SOUPER MEAL® on the bottom of the bowl
TOP RAMEN® on the back of the package or the side of the carton (multipacks)

Is it safe to eat the TOP RAMEN® noodles without putting them in boiling water first?

Some people have found that they enjoy TOP RAMEN® as a snack, much like potato chips. The noodles are broken up and eaten straight from the package or sprinkled on top of salads. Since the noodles are already cooked, it is totally safe to eat this way.

Why is CUP NOODLES® in a styrofoam cup and not cardboard?

Our styrofoam cups prevent heat from escaping and protect the consumer. The styrofoam is designated as recyclable in facilities where it is accepted.

How can I cut down on the salt content of TOP RAMEN®?

Simply adjust the amount of seasoning you add, perhaps putting in just half of the packet. Or, you could eliminate the seasoning packet altogether and add your own seasonings.

Do you have any vegetarian products?

Our TOP RAMEN® Oriental and Chili flavors contain no animal products.

How do you pronounce "ramen?"

We get this question quite frequently . it's pronounced "rah-men", not "ray-men."

Where can I find your current job opportunities?

Please see our Careers page to view our latest job openings and to submit your resume online.

Do you have any recipes for TOP RAMEN®?

We have some great recipes for main dish, lunch and snack ideas on this site. For a complete collection of 175 recipes, you can also order the TOP RAMEN® Noodle Cookbook. Simply send a check to Nissin Foods for $3.95 for postage and handling to:

Nissin Foods USA
2001 W. Rosecrans Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249
Attn: Cookbook Offer